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Anonymous asked: I'm so excited to see another chapter of your dads!Sterek fic (I just reread it and I forgot the name already what the fuck is wrong with me), yay! In other news, have you already hear back from the folks at the new computer place? I'm keeping my fingers crossed the problem will (finally) be solved quickly.

Thanks! I might try to write it on this borrowed computer like actually in the AO3 post form so we’ll see how that works out for me. ;D Probably better then trying to write it on my phone, at least.

I totally did hear back from the people at the second computer repair place, and it was actually — gasp! — the next day, just like they promised. It’s going to cost like $20 more than the other place quoted, and they’re going to have to keep my computer for a week because they’ll be ordering in parts (which the first place would also have done, they just waited a week before even doing the ordering the parts thing) so…. it’s terrible, let’s be honest, but I really like the people at the second place and I’m feeling good about the whole situation. I mean, aside from the whole situation sucking just on a basic level. AND thanks to everybody’s Etsy orders I have enough money to actually afford the repairs! Woohoo!

ALSO, I have stickers of my fox and wolf tattoo art on my laptop case, and when I went in to the shop the receptionist loved them, so I told her about how I’d designed them as tattoo art and there are actually people with that art permanently needled into their skin (STILL BLOWS MY MIND), and some other guy who was there waiting for something told me a horrifying story that I must share with you all. He had designed for himself a full sleeve tattoo, with his own original artwork, and he took it in to his tattoo artist and they started the tat itself and were collaborating on the artwork to get it polished up. The guy comes back for his appointment to work on more of the inking of the actual tattoo, and he walks in and the tattoo artist is right at that moment actively engaged in tattooing this guy’s completely original sleeve art ONTO SOME OTHER PERSON. He flips out, and the girl who’s getting the tattoo flips out too, like “You told me this was an original design!” and the guy who drew it is like “Yeah it’s MY original piece!” and everybody is like incandescently angry at this tattoo artist. The girl apparently stormed out with a half-finished tattoo and a heart full of fury, the guy who told me the story still to this day has like a three-inch piece of a tattoo on his shoulder that he hasn’t bothered to get a cover-up done on yet, and I can only hope that karma at some point found the tattoo artist and he had his genitals gnawed on by piranhas. THE END.

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I went and fed some kittens at the neonatal nursery again tonight… they just recently had an adoption event and managed to adopt out 170 kittens (!!!!!) so they had the county shelter send them moooooar kittens. Most of the newbies are older, independent eaters. Some were very shy and a couple were total lovers. They’ll stay in the nursery until the staff is sure they don’t have any respiratory infections or anything, but most are old enough to be fixed and go for adoption very soon.

Oh and that super cute half-blind siamese in the pics is, for the record, luxuriously soft, and when he invites you to rub his belly, it’s not even a trap. He really wants you to rub it, and he doesn’t even claw your hand off. Bless him.

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Rutger Hauer as a medieval knight in one of the best fantasy films ever made “Ladyhawke” (1985) directed by Richard Donner.

One more interesting fact:

Several different hawks were used. One to sit on Rutger Hauer’s arm and another for the flying scenes. A third proved to be mostly unusable, as it enjoyed Hauers company so much that it would ruffle it feathers when seated on his arm, making it look more like a chicken than a stately hawk.

I wish I could watch this movie again and enjoy it, but the soundtrack has not aged well. 

Maybe I could watch with the sound off and the subtitles on?

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hoodiecap asked: Cap visits a school assembly and they have him lead the pledge of allegiance but "under God" wasn't added until he went under the ice so he doesn't know that part so he doesn't say it and the next day all the headlines say "CAPTAIN AMERICA FORGETS GOD" and FoxNews freaks out.






oh my god

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additional tags from penguinsparade: #and let’s be real here #Steve grew up dirt poor during the Great Depression#and missed the Cold War #so he probably has what are today considered radical views on communism #i.e. ‘it’s not terrible’ and not synonymous with the antichrist#’a bunch of the people on my block were communists’ he says when Fox News asks for an interview #’they just wanted jobs down in the shipyard so they could eat and not lose a hand trying’ #Steve just rolls his eyes with a smile#every time Nat calls him comrade from then on

Can we all just take a moment to envision the Colbert Report section on COMRADE AMERICA and the subsequent interview where the first question is ‘so, why DO you hate America?’ and Stephen keeps accidentally propositioning Steve for the entire interview and ends up proposing to him.

#I don’t understand how anyone could hate america #says Stephen #I LOVE America #I love america’s great traditions #its love of freedom #its commitment to its ideals #its… lithe yet powerful physique #Steve is just sitting there with his lips twitching #trying not to crack up #gravely agreeing that there’s a lot about America to love

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Do you know what fandom has done for me?

Fandom made me feel normal. Fandom taught me about myself, taught me sexuality and gender and taught me that I don’t have to listen to people when they tell me I’m too harsh on men or that my expectations are too high. It gave me people to talk to when I felt alone and it gave me a voice when I thought I didn’t have one.

But more than anything, fandom has given me fanfiction.

I’ve been writing fic since I was twelve. I wasn’t any good in the beginning - none of us are - but fanfiction and the constant feedback helped me to realize the pitfalls of my writing, the tactics I fell back on again and again.

Fanfiction taught me how to develop a world. It taught me how to develop characters as individuals, it taught me about character flaws and character strengths, and about motive and emotion and so many other things.

Fanfiction has given me a expansive vocabulary that surprises most people.

Fanfiction has allowed me to explore sexuality and gender and kinks to my heart’s desire and all without ever having to face the judgmental looks of the real world. Because I am a female and a female shouldn’t have these thoughts or urges, a “proper female” should not know about the things I know about.

You know what else fandom and fanfiction has done? It told me otherwise. It told me that I was beautiful and perfect just the way I am. I don’t need to change and I don’t need to be ashamed and anyone who makes me feel like that is an asshole.

You might not think I’m a good writer and that’s okay. On my worst days, I’d agree with you. But in my bones, I know I was born to do this one thing. I was born to write and fanfiction continues to help me develop this skill into something I can hopefully call my career one day.

Fandom is the breeding ground for the next generation of authors and screenwriters and fanfiction is the tool we use to get better.

So don’t you dare mock fandom and don’t you dare mock fanfiction because it is so much more important than your shitty television show will ever be.

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"Painkiller Jane," Woman-Directed Bisexual Woman Superhero Movie, Announced While Marvel and DC Twiddle Thumbs


“Painkiller Jane,” Woman-Directed Bisexual Woman Superhero Movie, Announced While Marvel and DC Twiddle Thumbs

In a time when both Marvel and DC seem to refuse to make movies starring female superheroes, it was announced today that the Soska Sisters will be directing…

The thirst is real. Like, I have no familiarity with this comic at all but I am ready to hand over money to see this movie RIGHT NOW. I don’t get what’s so hard about that for these male studio heads to understand. Usually they make all their decisions based on money, why not this one?

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